Here’s the thing about Wednesdays:
My mid-week action items are typically encumbered by a series of meetings, conference calls, and as much writing as I can possibly pack into short blocks of free time. Not to mention an endless obsession of digesting everything on artificial intelligence and its inevitable trajectory into the space of the internet of things everywhere.
Specifically, I’m digesting stories and studies from the experts who are predicting the evisceration of everyday jobs at the hands of robots and predictive intelligent systems slated to out perform human brain power.
Though I consider myself a futurist and aficionado of apps and software that will make living life on earth a bit more efficient, I’m constantly questioning the future of a society where the most vulnerable will be relegated to the sidelines in a less than hopeful economic future.
Question for the day (and please feel free to share your thoughts with me via email if you’d like to discuss):
Is our attempt at building coding schools, diversity initiatives, inclusivity funds, and the like, matching the pace of the knowledge workforce and its accompanying growth in the tech and science industries? Is there more that we can do to get to solutions faster?
Intrigued and concerned.



Venture Investor Sarah Kunst Takes On Fitness Sector With Launch Of Dodgers-Backed App Proday
Backed by the Los Angeles Dodgers’ accelerator program as well as funding from well-known angel investors Arielle Zuckerberg and Sara Haider, Kunst has launched Proday, a subscription workout app that allows users to exercise alongside professional athletes and fitness celebrities.




How Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer Plans To Beat Amazon and Costco
In the past 24 months she’s hired only decision scientists for the membership team—professionals skilled at using analytics to bring in new members.




King Bach Launches Bachify, a Photo Editing App for the Social Media Obsessed
The genesis of the app was an issue anyone who is a heavy social media user faces — there isn’t one app that provides a comprehensive photo-editing experience.




Software That Predicts Criminal Behavior Could Be Biased
It seems likely that this is a result of the software taking into account factors like wealth and social marginalization that correlate heavily with race.


[PRESS RELEASE] Citi Foundation Announces $20 Million Community Progress Makers Fund to Accelerate Impact through Core Operating Support Grants
The Fund will provide unrestricted grant funding to help community organizations lead urban transformation efforts that catalyze economic opportunities for low-income households and communities.




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