Wednesday is where the magic happens.

The joys of being a writer in the tech space means that you often attract people pitching stories in a variety of “creative” ways. And by creative, I mean intrusive.

So, in alignment with the epic Twitter rant I conducted yesterday on the power of crafting good pitches, I want to take the time to drop a few gems on how you, your friend, or the new tech startup you met at a networking event can be featured in ThePlug.

Follow these five points and I promise you’ll be on the top of our inquiry list to feel the love throughout ThePLUG—

Timely news sells like hotcakes: Is it recent, relevant to wider media narratives, happening soon? Let us know about it! This include product launches, fund raising announcements, acquisitions, partnerships, etc.

Promote thy narrative—not yourself: ThePLUG is designed to inspire thought leadership and provide insight into the hard work taking place to forward innovation through policy or business model. Present an open (factual) discussion about the issue and then discuss how your product/organization/service is solving it.

Establish a relationship: I schedule weekly calls with entrepreneurs, investors, and interesting people working on interesting things just to chat. Many of these people reach out to me out of interest with nothing major to pitch. Often, they offer their networks, connect me to great events I should check out, and make it a point to be helpful before asking for anything. This is the art of establishing a relationship that will pay dividends in the long-term.

Be kind and considerate: We do our best to answer all emails in a timely manner. But sometimes things get a bit hectic and we can’t respond right away. Be kind. If your story is compelling and we feel as though we can build a quality relationship with you and your story, we’ll be sure to reach back out.
Now that we’re all up to speed, I welcome you all to send me news tips, introductions to amazing entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and innovative companies/organizations you feel we should follow/highlight.




Black Girls Code Is Moving Into Google’s New York Offices
The organization will use the 3,000-square-foot space as both a classroom and a base for coordinating its East Coast programs.


Expanding the Tech Economies of Communities across the Country
Obama Administration announced winners of $150 million in TechHire Partnership grants, including $126 million for at-risk and disadvantaged young Americans. (Fact sheet)




Black Stanford Alumni Create $5M Investment Fund To Provide Financial Assistance to Black Techpreneurs
The Black Angel Technology Investment Fund (BATIF) aims to bridge the gap in technology funding by helping Blacks develop and launch entrepreneurial ventures.




Connecting Brooklyn’s Disconnected Youth to STEAM Professions
In the past year, Made in Brownsville engaged 35 youth in its creative services apprenticeship program (and another 62 in an after-school program).




Lack of Black Game Dev Barbie Highlights Tech Feminism Issue
One game designer found that there was something missing with the brand new Game Developer Barbie doll that was just recently released: color.




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