We go high this Wednesday.

I’m forever grateful for my networks and extended networks that result in deep conversations, and visions for where we can be.

Last night, I had a call with a friend, Marissa Davis. She and I met during our Hive Global Leaders fellowship in San Francisco this past February. She’s an incredible research strategist with a penchant for social entrepreneurship and policy work. I greatly admire her work and commitment to social servitude in the interest of the public.

We’ve been chatting over the last few weeks developing a slew of solutions we can build to push forward communities from a policy stand point, pivoting from an intense focus on storytelling, and leveraging data to move decision making forward as it relates to capital, infrastructure, and access for communities and people of color.

Like Marissa, I often overextend myself. And then I realize, I’m not alone.

We are always stronger together.



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