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I recently added another savings account to my Capitalone360 (formerly ING) account for business goals. Like many of my projects, I depend on bootstrapping my way through the grind, and of course, a few favors from talent friends willing to trade their work for a sundry of compliments, karma, and my opinion on their messaging strategies.

For most entrepreneurs, the climb to the top doesn’t come easy. The sacrifices made are different for everyone, but for people of color, it is particularly difficult to find the capital we need to build successful, thriving businesses.

We do our best to include opportunities for pitching your business at a startup event that provides capital to the winners, and we try to include incubator and accelerator programs in our “LEAD” section when appropriate.

Last Friday, I chatted with Jenifer Daniels at ColorStock about the latest iteration of startup accelerators, particularly programs like Circular Board which operates its high-growth accelerator program digitally, allowing entrepreneurs to receive mentoring, consulting, and access to capital without having to leave their city, forgo months of income, or sleep on a friend’s couch in order to participate.

These programs are entrepreneurship and access for the rest of us. Those that have families, full-time jobs, or, in my case, student loans.




‘Pokemon Go’ Users Pay Tribute to Tamir Rice with PokeStop at the Site of His Death
The in-game description for the PokéStop at Cuddle Gazebo reads as follows: “Community memorial for Tamir Rice, shot and killed by CPD officers who shot him in under 2s after breaking department policy regarding escalation of force.”


[VIDEO] First African-American Woman Named Dean of Engineering at ODU
Stephanie G. Adams, who served as professor and engineering education department head at Virginia Tech since 2010, will be the first African-American woman to ever serve as dean of the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University.




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How Cross Culture utilizes cultural investing to determine which startups they will invest in.


Nigeria’s Former Tech Minister is Now a Venture Capitalist
London-based venture capital firm, TLcom, has appointed Omobola Johnson, Nigeria’s former minister of communications and technology, as lead partner as it kicks off its West African operations.




Meet Derek Peterson, VP of Intelligent Product Solutions 
The software engineer discusses life as a b-boy, wearables, and the nuances of a career in STEM.




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