Fridays are for new podcasts.
I’m presently plugging my ears with several voices trending in the iTunes store. The laundry list of go-to storytellers on tech and entrepreneurship include WSJ Tech News Briefing, Myleik Teele, 99U, and Lisa Nicole Bell’s Behind the Brilliance.

For some real-time action this weekend, I’ll be hitting the Digital Hip Hop Summit hosted at Johnson C. Smith’s new STEM building here in Charlotte. If you’re in town, don’t be a stranger.

On to the shenanigans.



Kevin Hart Greenlights 10 Pitches for His Streaming Service at Just for Laughs Festival
The Hartbeat Digital and Lionsgate service, which will launch in early 2017, will be home to content curated by Hart, including shows featuring social media stars and up-and-coming comedians like Vine superstar Logan Paul, who was recently on the cover of AdWeek.




4 Things I Didn’t Know About Investors Before I Took Their Money
Black Tech Week’s founder Felecia Hatcher on developing the skill of relationship building with investors.




This Group Mentors African American Entrepreneurs in Seattle
Black Dot, a startup resource center nestled in Seattle’s historically black Central District, aims to mentor and connect the city’s African-American entrepreneurs.




The English of Non-Native Speakers Could Make Smarter Computers
One of the developers of the UD standard, tells MIT that the research suggests that computers could be trained to systematically compare ESL to both native English and other languages, which could be used for machine translation tasks.




BE100s: 2016 Report on the Nation’s Largest Black Businesses
The dominant players on the BE 100s are resource-rich, tech-focused companies.



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