Let’s land strong this Friday.

The gig economy balances a coursing dichotomy offering both choice and anxiety for the average American consumer. In college, my friends and I sold our clothes to pay for laundry or pounded away on the retail floor at the GAP to keep our heads above water and our meal cards plentiful.

Today, when you need extra cash, you only need to tap an app and get to work.

Oh, how the times have changed! And while I commend the benefits of an easy route to quick cash, understandably, there is public dissent arguing that these flex jobs mean less employment regulation as scores of individuals operating on these platforms are turning to them for full-time income. This would be ideal, however, without retirement, tax, and health insurance benefits, these platforms are not equipped to be permanent routes to employment.

Third-party companies designing solutions to relieve the woes of life as a full-time contractor are making waves.

The world we’re working for is changing the way it works. And that’s okay if we’re clear on what matters most: human survival.




I’m off to DC tomorrow morning for the Capital One Women in Tech demo day event. Catch my experience on Snapchat (@sherrell_dorsey) or let’s meet during a break in the day for coffee. I’ll be the one trying to get face time with Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls code who will be serving as the keynote speaker.


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