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Kenyan Transportation Startup Helps Customers Monitor and Purchase Bus Tickets, Wins $1 Million Hultz Prize

The app allows commuters to check in real-time the location and cost of their bus, as well as book and pay for a seat. It describes itself as the “Uber for buses, but offline”. Its USSD application can be accessed from any basic phone, with the startup looking to address the long waiting times and overcharging that commuters face on a daily basis.





Local Tech Companies Need to Look Harder to Find Untapped Talent

HERE Seattle is one of many grass-roots efforts to cultivate untapped tech talent and better connect with underrepresented communities



Better Black Protagonists in Video Games Requires A New Crop of Talent

The International Game Developers Association suggests that only 3 percent of game developers are African-American, a figure that has risen by only 0.5 percent in the past decade. In comparison, 76 percent of developers are white.




Chicago Ideas Week: On Black Women Hiding in Tech

A candid conversation calling for black women to be intentional about their visibility in tech and business.




Where Small Businesses are Powering Inner-City Neighborhoods

According to a new report from the Institute for a Competitive Inner City, small businesses account for a higher percentage of jobs in inner-city areas than cities overall.