Welcome to Wednesday.

Great storytellers change the world.

This statement is far from hyperbole. I have an affinity for those breaking down barriers and challenging us to think on a macro level through the way they frame the narrative.

Take for instance Ruben Harris. He’s quite the online phenomenon with a background story that presses pause on your brain.

He’s equal parts cellist, investment banker, startup employee, and content creator. We spoke a few weeks back to catch up on his many pursuits—one of which is being the ear play for underrepresented groups looking to get in to the tech sector.

His recently released series of podcasts provide insights and how-to guides for applying and getting accepted into incubators, training programs, and jobs.

I admire his hustle and passion for ensuring that the formerly incarcerated, those working three plus jobs to stay afloat, and the teenager with heaps of responsibility over their heads, have access to content built for them.

We meet the need.


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Teenage Girls to Launch Africa’s First Private Space Satellite

They are part of a team of high school girls from Cape Town, South Africa, who have designed and built payloads for a satellite that will orbit over the earth’s poles scanning Africa’s surface.



Can the Sharing Economy Root Out Racism?

The algorithms that power the online marketplace just reflect the racial discrimination found in society itself.



Searching for Entrepreneurial Equity on the Internet

WeBuyBlack.com founder wants to replenish the capital drought black entrepreneurs face in their communities by expanding that community to a global level.



[NEWLY PUBLISHED] Women of Color in STEM: Navigating the Workforce

This academic book provides an opportunity for making public the life stories of women of color who have persevered in STEM workplace settings. The authors used various critical theories to situate and make visible the lives of women of color in such disciplines and workplace contexts like mathematics, science, engineering, NASA, academia, government agencies, and others.



US-Based Renewable Energy, Data Tech Firms Attract Angolan Investors

ABO Capital has invested an undisclosed amount in Uncharted Play, a Harlem, New York City-based renewable energy company that puts customizable micro-generators into products. The proprietary technology uses kinetic energy to create an off-grid power source for mobile and other connected devices.



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