Others watch how we move this Wednesday.

I didn’t land in my bed until after 2am. The waiting list for tonight’s #BLKTECHCLT has a waiting list all its own. And that brings me tremendous joy.

To say that I’m excited about what is ahead is an understatement. The event this evening is designed to be an amalgamation of meaningful conversation on the future of tech and entrepreneurship in our city, and all the best parts of an event one might find in San Francisco, Seattle, or New York.

We democratize access when we share information about how to participate in the new economy where the industry of technology is absorbed in the practice of business indefinitely.

The way we see our communities our colleagues and our public officials alters the way in which we envision our city to be shaped by our most complex problems when readily available solutions are only moments from discovery by the systems that produce the talent that will solve the equation.

Yes. It is one event.
Two drink tickets for sustainable wine.
A DJ named Josh I met at CIAA who will play from the confines of Google Fiber’s balcony.
And a book on Emotional Grit guests will receive in their gift bag.
This work means much more.
In Charlotte and in your inbox.

Like this newsletter I craft each weekday, I overly commit some of my best work to pulling this thing together.

For those in CLT, I’ll see you this evening. We’ll keep the story in play via social media. Find me on the snap (Sherrell Dorsey), Facebook, and Instagram.

What we build matters.


P.S. Forward this email and share the knowledge with your friends, colleagues, and play cousins when you hit that button below.


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