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Elon Musk joined President-elect Trump’s business advisory team.

Among his many pursuits this year, Musk will build out a solar cell and manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York in partnership with Panasonic. The venture is slated to bring over 1,200 new jobs to the region and further leverage the state’s efforts to increase renewable energy production.

Musk remains busy. From pumping up lithium ion battery development, to leveraging Tesla to acquire Solar City, the expansion of his companies in mid-market cities promises to offer routes to long-term job growth and opportunities for reinvention.

I’m waiting in anticipation for my Model 3 to arrive at the end of 2017 (I’m counting on delays). Unfortunately, I’ll have to head to Raleigh to pick it up after a nasty fight in Charlotte between the DMV and traditional car dealers resulted in Tesla having to back down from selling directly to customers within the city.

Perhaps Musk’s new appointment will mean influential policy direction for state regulators grappling with loosening the reigns on emerging markets like self-driving cars, solar roofs, and electric cars for the better interest of a changing economy.



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An App to Help Black Women With Hair Care

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