We’re equipped for the task at hand this Friday.


The revolution is televised today.

We kicked off Black Tech Mecca’s State of the Black Ecosystem conference with tremendous energy last night and we have the social media engagement to prove it.

Join the live stream to catch this today’s program beginning at 9am CST.

Last night was real. It was raw. Our presenters and panelists made no efforts to assuage our desire for comfortability when it came to breaking down what is needed most in the tech and diversity conversation: leadership, competence, synergy, and strategy.

I’m invigorated beyond the visuals that share a story of people of color sharing space at the Google Chicago office having dining table conversations similar to what we’ve held in our households for generations.

After the Instagram likes stop circulating, we’re left with our work. We’re left with the post-discussions, the post-panels, and the aftermath of our choices in how we move forward.

This morning, as I wrap up my notes for my next round of moderating panels this morning, I am proud to share space with those doing the work. Folks like you. Practitioners like you. Change agents like my boy Jesse Sanchez from The Future Project who called me from The Bay reminding me that our weariness is only temporary and our work is for those living in distress like his students concerned about their parents being deported under harsher legislation.

The data may show that we are in despair, but if we interrogate it, we’ll find massive opportunity to move our conversations from the stage and into targeted action.

Your move.
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