We move with purpose this Monday.

We’ve read the headlines.

The news alerts and notifications of what’s being handed down from the White House keep hitting our smartphones. We’re living in a time where we do not not have the luxury of being misinformed or undereducated about our democracy.

For many of us, this weekend conjured up heavy emotions for our families, forced us to question our futures, and consider the impact bans and immigration legislation will have on our businesses.

Now is not the time to be silent or stoic.

The work doesn’t stop at the tweet. It begins with leadership in our companies and the internal conversations we’ll have today within our teams about how we can help. Be that offering supportive services, hiring refugees, providing funds for legal services for those detained at airports, or denouncing new anti-immigration policies loudly and publicly as threats to our future progress.
Make moves or make excuses.





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Airbnb Offers Free Housing to Refugees and Others in Limbo After Trump’s Executive Order

Brian Chesky, the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, tweeted the offer late Saturday as travelers from several Muslim-majority countries were detained or otherwise placed in limbo at airports around the world.


Uber to Create $3M Legal Defense Fund for Drivers Affected by “Wrong and Unjust” Ban

“MVP” will consist of 18 10-12-minute episodes breaking each Wednesday, each featuring people who display their product and share what they seek from an athlete endorser. The panel then gets to question the presenter, ultimately striking a deal or sending the guest home empty-handed.



HBCU-Run Incubator to Build Southeast Raleigh’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Set in a 2,000-square-foot storefront commercial space a short walking distance to the Shaw University campus, the Innovation Center is the result of a partnership between the university and the Carolina Small Business Development Fund — a community development financial institution designed to provide access to low-cost financial capital in distressed communities throughout the state.





The Race to Pass Obama’s Last Law and Save Tech in DC

The Talent Act bill would make law a program to give technologists temporary tours of government duty. That is if we can agree that the role of technology in government should never be a partisan issue.



Ludacris Releases New ‘Slang N’ Friendz’ Crossword App

Think of it as Words With Friends meets Urban Dictionary.



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