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Atlassian released its 2017 State of Diversity Report this week surveying 1,400 tech workers in the U.S. The study dissects how tech employees truly feel about diversity. The final figures showed 83% of respondents see the value of diversity in tech yet only half feel as if improvements need to be made within their company.

Sixty percent in the study say their company is making enhancements “even though they gave no indication of concrete action.”

According to the study, 2% of the tech industry is Black and 3% Latinx with women representing 24%. If a large group of participants in the study believe their company and the entire tech industry deserves an A+ in diversity, we have more of an issue with basic math more than anything else.

The representation numbers are low. You cannot count something that is simply not there. What’s missing? People of color. At the heart of the study, participants felt more informed and aware of the issues facing tech than in years before.

This study is a great conversation starter if you’re interested in implementing a diversity team at your company.





Do you know a student interested in tech? Applications for the #YesWeCodeFund scholarship initiative are open. The program offers assistance by removing financial barriers creating access to tech education. This fund is aimed at awarding $100 million in code school diversity scholarships. Encourage them to apply.



This Startup Wants to Build Coding Schools Inside African Refugee Camps

Inside the camps, Refugee Code Academy  plans to build and monitor class rooms with computers, where refugees will be guided through education material with the intention of them acquiring a very valuable skill set in today’s job market.




The Black and Brown Founders Project Rewrites Tech’s Bro Culture

In this interview, Williams shares her inspiration for the Brown and Black Founders Project (which she plans to expand to other cities), the lessons she’s learned in her 3 years as an entrepreneur, and her advice for the next generation of startup founders.



Johns Hopkins Welcomes Its First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah, who’s graduating from John Hopkins and will go on to work in their neurosurgery department, hails from Ghana.



NBA All-Star Baron Davis Brings Year-Round Cheer with the Black Santa Company

With the political divide growing every day, the Black Santa Company has become Baron’s fight for justice and equality.



The Mayor of D.C. is Leading the Charge, Unveiling Programs for Tech Inclusiveness 

Mayor Muriel Bowser is the driving force behind the city’s new “Inclusive Innovation” marketing and economic development strategy, which positions the racial and gender diversity in the region’s tech sector as a competitive advantage to attract outside tech companies and talent to the city.




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