Welcome to Monday.

It’s never too early to talk tech, right?

Sherrell arrived early this morning at the WCCB studios in Charlotte for her appearance as the newest tech expert for WCCB News Rising. She showcased her favorite apps, discussed the state of Charlotte’s rising tech jobs and how the President’s new budget could potentially lead to a harsh economic impact for women.

Happy first day of Spring. Unleash your greatest possibilities in this season.



Do you know a student interested in tech? Applications for the #YesWeCodeFund scholarship initiative are open. The program offers assistance by removing financial barriers creating access to tech education. This fund is aimed at awarding $100 million in code school diversity scholarships. Encourage them to apply.


‘Tagged’ Acquires Popular Black Dating App

San Francisco-based brothers Justin and Brian Gerrard created the app Bae, but its acquisition positions it as a larger millennial-aimed platform.




These Black Women in Computer Science Are Changing the Face of Tech

From leading research and engineering at Google to directing robotics and autonomous vehicle programs at top-tier universities, a black woman’s work is at the helm.

Sherrell Dorsey | the root


How These Black YouTubers Are Changing the Beauty Vlogging Space

A wave of young, black women entrepreneurs have created a thriving and endlessly entertaining community of sorts for their largely young, black, and femme audiences, and the intelligence with which the bloggers and vloggers themselves expertly move through online spaces.

Amani Binshikhan | Teen Vogue ​


Charmane Caldwell Engineers A Career that Focuses on Diverse Talent in STEM

Her mission is to increase the representation of women and minorities in both the student body and among the faculty at Florida A&M University-Florida State College of Engineering.

Ashley smith | Tallahassee.com

His Leap From Prison in San Quentin to a Job in Tech

A former prisoner was serving a life sentence in San Quentin prison and became introduced to a program that teaches people to code with no internet.

Ruben harris | tech crunch



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