Fridays shape our stories.

I’ll be taking over the Friday message to give our incredible editor Tyler a break. When I started ThePLUG, remaining authentic and sharing my voice with those brave enough to follow along this journey became paramount in our work.

I’m a West Coast girl but often live my life according to the life and times of philosopher Jay Z; particularly when it comes to matters of hustle.

“Difficult takes a day; impossible takes a week.”

The forefront of our work is often within our ability to turn rejections into opportunities and tighten our pitches enough that investors and collaborators will believe in what you’re attempting to build from nothing.

I’m on a 120-day deadline to shape my business into gear before heading off to grad school to study data journalism at Columbia.

This means no to unclear meetings and conversations; laser focus on the areas of our growth that will produce the highest returns; and the launch of a special project to cement our leadership stake in the greater tech ecosystem in Charlotte where we first birthed this idea to put Black stories in the front of news agendas.

Keep watch over the next few weeks. We’ve got some new opportunities launching. Help us keep the story going by sharing this newsletter with your kinfolk.






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