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Photo-editing app, FaceApp apologized this week for its racist algorithm. Users complained about the app’s ‘hot’ filter that drastically lightens skin tones and other features ultimately altering a person’s ethnicity.

“It is an unfortunate side-effect of the underlying neural network caused by the training set bias, not intended behaviour,” said Yaroslav Goncharov, creator and CEO of FaceApp.

The feature was renamed ‘spark’ as Goncharov says to “exclude any positive connotation associated with it” as developers work on a solution.

Another example of human bias lodged into artificial intelligence. As more consumers bring these issues to the spotlight, more tech companies will be forced to address their missteps ultimately leading to more algorithm accountability.


Sherrell is on the move this week. On Thursday, Sherrell is a featured panelist for the ‘She Started It’ movie premiere. Then on Saturday, she’s moderating a session at the Innovate Your Cool Conference. Catch her at both of these exciting events!


Pedro Moore Hopes to Create an Angel Network for Black and Latino Investors

He expects these minority investors to diversify their investments as well, not simply choosing businesses run by people who look like them. Though he does expect them to invest in those companies, too.



Science, and Chance, Propelled African-American Engineer to NASA

As director of exploration integration and science at NASA’s sprawling center in Houston, Wyche, 53, has risen to one of the highest rungs in the engineering world.



How Rebrand Detroit Innovates Marginalized Neighborhoods

Hajj Flemings is the founder of Rebrand Cities; his latest project, Rebrand Detroit, is innovating Detroit neighborhoods to make the city a place for all people.



Kenya’s PayGo Energy Raises $1.43M Funding Round

The startup’s mission is to unlock clean energy for the next billion, by revolutionizing the distribution of cooking gas.



YWCA in Arizona Creates $1M Loan Fund for Minority Women Entrepreneurs

“This is a two-pronged strategy that puts tools in the hands of women and changes the systems that are unfair and make life so much more difficult than it needs to be,” according to Kelly Fryer, CEO of the YWCA of Southern Arizona.



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