Welcome to Thursday.

Today’s newsletter comes to you with a bit of a somber tone. I’ve been following a story this week about Joseph Thomas, an engineer at Uber who committed suicide last August. His wife attributes his death to the stress of the job. I was really torn as to whether or not I wanted to share such a tragic story.  My initial plan was to mention Uber’s latest diversity news for today’s intro.

Then I saw a quote from Thomas’ father.

“If you put a hard-driving person on unrealistic tasks, it puts them in failure mode,” said the elder Joe Thomas. “It makes them burn themselves out; like driving a Lamborghini in first gear.”

Burnout is real. Before I became a freelancer, my doctor told me, “your job is killing you.” No lunch breaks. Twelve-hour shifts on an overnight schedule. I had to leave. Unfortunately, millions of Americans endure stress-induced work environments just to make ends meet. We’re in a gig culture and this idea of being your own boss is tempting. The truth is, not everyone is in a position to up and quit their full-time job to pursue their passion. Even when you’re hustling to build for yourself, the pressure can take a serious toll. Joseph Thomas’ life and struggle are not to be ignored.

This is a time to reflect and take inventory on which areas in life are toxic for your mental health. Self-care should be a top priority.

I’m unPLUGging until Monday. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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