We push boundaries on Mondays.

My favorite hashtag is #MondayMotivation. My first task on Monday mornings is to check my Twitter feed for inspirational quotes and messages. Mondays are often associated with weariness and overwhelmingness. The start of the week is a reminder of things left undone from the week prior intertwined with a new set of tasks place ahead of us.

This morning, I came across this quote that really put things into perspective.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe

There’s power in being single-minded. Instead of crumbling under pressure at the thought of never-ending deadlines and responding with defeat in the face of errors, think of how much you can accomplish by easing up on self-inflicted pressure. Focus on where you are. The rest will work itself out.






Aisha Lewis is American Underground’s New Connector

American Underground made national headlines when it loudly declared its intentions of being the most diverse tech hub in the country. Lewis will be tasked with helping maintain that diversity that attracted her away from California as AU’s newest director of corporate partnerships.



Africa is the Next Frontier for VCs

African startups are expected to raise more than a billion dollars by 2018. According to Partech Ventures, the VC funding raised by African startups reached $367 million dollars in 2016, representing a 33 percent year-over-year growth.




eBay’s First Chief Diversity Officer on Humanizing Diversity and Inclusion

Each step in his life and career — from front-of-the-house manager at an organic Chinese food restaurant in Harlem to Assistant Director of Admissions at Harvard Business School to Vp at Goldman Sachs — has shaped how he views diversity and inclusion.



Minority-Focused Accelerator, NewMe, Relocates To Miami

Miami is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and a natural fit for NewMe. Since it’s founding in 2011, NewMe has helped companies raise over $25 million dollars.



For Boston Tech Leaders, Boosting Black & Latino Talent an ‘Economic Imperative’

Eddison Razon is among 18 students in the inaugural class of Hack.Diversity, a collaborative effort between Boston tech companies, venture capitalists and others to help black and Latino students find careers in the innovation economy.



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