Welcome to Monday.

Last night, production wrapped on my first short film, “Maid of Autumn.” The story follows Autumn, a woman with special needs, preparing to deliver a toast at her sister’s engagement party. She’s fighting a battle that we’re all familiar with; the fear of public speaking. But there’s another layer that makes this monumental moment even more daunting.

During the writing process, my co-producer and I agreed that Autumn should work in tech. Because of time restrictions, we didn’t  delve too deep into her career but we made it a point to feature a woman of color interested in coding. Similar to the tech industry, TV and film struggle with diversity and inclusion. I’m happy to say, our crew was comprised of one man and four black women.

In recent years, the landscape of Hollywood changed with a boom of black filmmakers and entertainers controlling the narrative surrounding the African American experience. Because of this, we’re not only receiving overdue credit but also, these images are spilling into real life, providing an added level of compassion and humanity to race talks. My hope is that the same movement of black excellence will be embraced in tech.

Wishing you a productive and stress-free Monday!


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