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News producers and editors funnel through hundreds of pitches daily. Everyone wants to get the word out about their latest product launch and new happenings within a company. How do you make it newsworthy? Better yet, how do you get on the radar of the right person to spread the word? PR is nonstop and sometimes you don’t have time to pitch.

That’s where NewsReleaseNow comes in. The press release distribution services and media-pitching platform with a hyper-local focus is dedicated to building a PR strategy for nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The service was founded by Nepherterra Estrada Bestand currently serves Atlanta, Charlotte, Greenville, SC and Milwaukee, WI with solid media contacts.

“Let’s be honest, getting media attention isn’t always easy. Before transitioning into public relations I worked for a daily newspaper, so I know first-hand that journalists are bombarded with pitches every minute of every day,” Best said.

She and her team provide a variety of services including press release editing and distribution, multicultural media outreach, and web posting, just to name a few.

“As the co-founder of two PR firms, I understand the challenges entrepreneurs face when it comes to public relations; their time and their resources are limited. But they have amazing stories of success, failure, innovation and reinvention that need to be told,” Best said. “NewsReleaseNow is a bridge to help these organizations get their stories told in a meaningful way using local media to help increase brand awareness and better connect with the community.”

Best has 15 years of journalism experience under her belt and knows all too well about common pitching errors. She can easily target the best language to get a pitch answered.

“Our tagline is “What’s Your Story?” because I encourage entrepreneurs, small businesses and even nonprofits to tell their story instead of blatantly asking a journalist to write about their company. Instead, make your press release or pitch about a hot industry trend or current topic, share the story behind your product or service and how it helps people or solves a problem. The size of the business doesn’t matter; the story does.”

NewsReleaseNow also provides valuable resources for entrepreneurs to better navigate the media world.

Her vision for the platform in next five years is for the platform to expand in 20 markets. Learn more at NewsReleaseNow.com.


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