We speak without reserve this Friday.

Tyler and I are en route to the airport this morning, landing in D.C. this afternoon to join Capital One for the second iteration of their Women in Tech Demo Day.

Check out this saucy story in Forbes on the work they’re doing to empower more women in technology and expanding how diverse environments are created.

At the NYC event a few weeks back, I sat down in conversation with Julie Elberfeld, senior vice president of shared technology, who also leads many of Capital One’s women leadership initiatives. Listen to our 10-minute interview on why Capital One is getting involved in talent development, how they’ve partnered with organizations like Black Girls Code and Women Who Code, and where they focus efforts to retain middle management career women who are most at-risk for leaving the industry during a time when they are juggling kids, aging parents, and other life challenges.

Tyler and I will be covering the Saturday event extensively via Instagram stories.

Stay up.

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