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Back in May, I shared Bärí A. Williams’ phenomenal write-up on tech’s missed opportunity in black women founders. Her now viral piece opened up serious dialogue as to why women of color receive little to no VC funding.

Harvard Business Review recently published research surrounding the types of questions women entrepreneurs are asked by venture capitalists. Men are questioned about potential gains and women are pressed about potential losses. For example, a male founder is asked, “How do you plan to monetize this?” as opposed to a “How long will it take you to break even?” inquiry for women.

The study found bias in both male and female VCs.

In short, men are vetted with high expectations of success and women are practically expected to fail. Becoming aware of the bias and making an effort to rework the current systems in place, tech will see a better shot at equity.  Imagine the rate of progress if VC firms diversified funding sources for both minorities and women.

All funding matters, right?


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