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Last night, I literally sat at my computer for 30 minutes thinking about what I should write for your morning note. I wanted to inspire you all and tell you a story just like Tyler or Sherrell. I began to scroll social media allowing my mind to wander. I came across an old classmate of mine. On his page, I saw that he is starting a nonprofit for African-American males looking to become teachers. It is always nice to see a peer living their dream and setting the stage for future generations.

I continued to look throughout social media for the minds who are starting something new.

I saw progress reports on a number of students in major cities enrolled in a camp, summer program, or class looking to enter the STEM field. I even learned more information on a Duke grad who created a device to help with epileptic seizures. Within minutes I found a world of innovators, startups, businesses, and game-changers all under the age of 30 and underrepresented.

Then it became clear that these individuals aren’t doing this for recognition, instead, they are serving a greater purpose by solving major issues in their communities. ThePlug is vital because it is one of the few digital spaces that connects you to diverse masterminds. Their technology, their work, their vision, and their innovation deserves recognition, just like yours.

-Janay R.

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