We’re down to the wire this Friday.

I’m eight hours into my family reunion after hopping a ride to Portland from Seattle where I spent an evening at Amazon discussing black womanhood, diversity in tech, and identifying our blind spots in innovation. I’ll be spending the next few days loving on the little ones in my life, peeling potatoes for the cookout, and chatting up the elders about family history and legacy.

Next week, we’ll be sharing interviews with incredible women in tech from our sponsor Capital One. We’ll dive into their roles, how leadership is shaping the way we talk about diversity, and the challenges they’re overcoming by being vocal about what is and what’s not working when it comes to inclusion in the workplace. Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend.



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Arif Gursel is Helping Build the Next Generation of Black programmers
Gursel touched on the immense wealth of knowledge he holds, garnered from working at Microsoft for 13 years, starting business ventures of his own, and working within his current role at Floodgate Academy’s site in Seattle.
How I Got Facebook to Invest in Minority-Owned Businesses
When you have a corporate culture that values the differences that make up your workforce, it drives company innovation and employee retention through the roof.
How Nigerian This Tech Entrepreneur is Building an African Digital Powerhouse
Founder of the Terragon Group, Elo Umeh, a 35-year-old Nigerian with a knack for mobile, digital innovation, and creative solutions, has made overcoming data access and reach on Africa’s most pervasive device the mission of the company he founded 8 years ago.
Black Girl Group Connects Content Creators With Companies That Actually Care About Diversity
A new micro job site called Black Girl Group, founded by freelance SEO copywriter and columnist Stephanie Caudle, serves to perfectly match diversity seeking employers with a wide range of candidates.


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