We center our perspective this Friday.

While I’ve fully made my transition back to NYC and began day 1 of 230 of my data journalism program at Columbia University, I’m still getting caught up on several important conversations that occurred this week.

From black women’s equal pay day to the justice department’s recent crusade against affirmative action, there’s a great deal of political and social thought to digest. These conversations hit hard in the face of a reality that bias has continually limited both the economic and professional advancement of women of color across a wide spectrum of industries in this country for decades, sabotaging a future of inclusivity and opportunity that a great deal of corporate and academic entities claim to support.

In light of these concentric discussions, I remain fascinated by the stories I’m finding at the other end of the spectrum. I found such a story in the work of Kenya Paul, senior manager of machine learning and cyber security at Capital One.

I sat down with Kenya briefly at Capital One’s recent Women in Tech Demo Day to discuss her beginnings as a cyber security professional and why she left Dallas with her 13-year-old daughter to join Capital One in D.C. and most recently New York to work on technology she not only loves but feels passionate about in an increasingly threatened online environment.

Check out my 3-minutes interview with Kenya Paul here.

Hard work and hustle.


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