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A few weeks ago, Rap Radar dropped a two-part interview with JAY-Z on Tidal. The interview was JAY-Z’s most candid to-date. The megastar spoke at length regarding the socially conscious messages embedded in his latest studio album, 4:44. During the interview, JAY-Z blessed us with one of the most prophetic statements of the year.

When asked to share his perspective on the influence of rap on mainstream culture, JAY-Z boldly stated,“We are culture. NOTHING moves without us. We just continue to give it away.” 

The truth and power behind the statement cannot be denied. Culture is both our super power and competitive advantage – an advantage that we must learn to scale and reclaim. The intersection of entrepreneurship and culture is a powerful space I’m dedicated to defining and exploring through THE PATH – a media platform that showcases black and brown founders building businesses that are either influencing, challenging, or changing culture. These entrepreneurs aren’t waiting for someone else to deliver solutions that are hyper-relevant to their needs or the needs of the market. They are creating them.

Capturing their journey and exploring this white space has been a process. A process that I am super passionate about, and a journey I’m inviting you to be a part of. THE PATH is defining how culture shapes our ideas, and in turn how our ideas are becoming profitable ventures that are not just inspired by “the culture” but are also made “for the culture.”

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-Nneka Ude
Founder, THE PATH: Entrepreneurship + Culture
@akenneirrac | @welcometothepath
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