New research suggests more efforts of inclusion within the solar industry, yet slow growth in fair pay and job opportunities for people of color.  The Solar Foundation released the 2017 U.S. Solar Industry Diversity Study showing barriers to success for women of color within the industry. Fifty percent of African American respondents in the study felt “stuck” in their current positions with no opportunities to obtain senior positions like their white male counterparts.

This is the first comprehensive study on diversity in the U.S. solar energy industry. The study also acknowledges recommendations for solar companies to improve diversity like strengthening recruitment efforts and implementing a “blind” job application process. You know..the usual “do better” tactics. After a while, these diversity reports become less surprising.

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Black Founders From 7 U.S. Cities Head to Durham for Access to Funders & Mentors
Laura Baverman | Exit Event
The week-long bootcamp includes programs, speakers and one-on-one time with top investors like Silicon Valley Bank, Durham’s Southeast TechInventures, 42 Venture Partners of New York and Backstage Capital of Los Angeles, as well as Google’s team and well known local mentors.






NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress Tackles Bus Reliability, Harmful Landlord Practices with Data
Ben Levine | Government Technology
Student teams are challenged to utilize urban informatics within the constraints of city operations and planning, while considering political, social, and financial issues and balancing privacy and confidentiality with transparency.






In the New ‘South Park’ Game, Being Black Makes the Game Harder
Ben Gilbert | Business Insider
Beyond merely reflecting how a player wants to represent themselves in-game, the new “South Park” game is forcing players to think about how representation impacts people in real life (who of course don’t have a choice as to the color of their skin, or how difficult their life will be).





Meet the Startups Changing the Way Kids Eat School Lunches
Kevin J. Ryan | Inc
She pivoted the startup, which she’d named Scrumpt, to focus on lunches for schoolkids, and her mother joined as co-founder. Today, the Oakland-based company delivers five fresh, balanced meals per week to people’s homes.





With New Managing Director, Ghana’s MEST Scales as Pan-African Incubator
Jake Bright | TechCrunch
The incubator currently has offices or on ground presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. It actively recruits in those countries and Cote d’Ivoire. MEST is in the process of opening physical incubator spaces in multiple countries.






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