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As Tyler shared yesterday, ThePLUG is joining Capital One at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing next week. If not familiar with the event’s host organization, the Anita Borg Institute, I encourage you to check out yesterday’s announcement of their Top Companies for Women Technologists. The Index charts the industry’s progress in relation to recruitment, retention, advancement, and executive representation of women in tech. Additionally, it surveys benefits and aspects of the company culture that create a welcoming and supportive environment for women like flex time, parental leave policies, telecommuting options, and leadership development programs.

This year, 63 companies participated and 27 were recognized on the Leadership Index, meaning that they are above the mean average results of all participants. I’m proud of Capital One for earning a spot on the Leadership Index for the second year in a row, but we realize that this is a small success compared to the immense work that we as an industry must continue to do on the journey to gender parity in tech. Interested in the in-depth results? Check out the full Insights Report here.

I’ll be back in your inbox via ThePLUG over the next week with my thoughts on machine learning, navigating your career, and the future of the tech industry.

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Cat Posey
Senior Director, Technology, Capital One

Photo: Martin Lang
Dell Appointed Brian Reaves as its First Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Fast Company
Reaves comes from SAP, where he worked as the senior vice president of diversity and inclusion. According to Dell, he “is setting the strategy” for the company’s diversity efforts, a spokesperson said, “partnering with other leaders at the company engaged with our diversity & inclusion efforts.”














Illustration by Brian Stauffer
The Black Ceiling: Why African-American Women Aren’t Making It to the Top in Corporate America
Ellen McGirt | Fortune
When Fortune’s editors sat down to compile this year’s ranking of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, another alarming statistic jumped out: One. That’s the number of African-American women on this year’s list, represented by Ann-Marie Campbell, No. 18, Home Depot’s EVP for U.S. stores.














Photo: Boston Globe / Getty Images
Boston’s High-Tech Plan to Tackle Income Inequality
Susan Crawford | Wired

The new cross-agency project, housed in the Mayor’s Office, is called the Economic Mobility Lab, and it has gotten initial funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.














Generating Code Fever in Tech-Loving Minority Teens
NationSwell Team
Since 2013, Code Fever has introduced more than 3,000 youth and adults to the tech ecosystem. It’s also served as host to more than 100 tech events, including boot camps and hack-a-thons.













 Photo: Lilian Pintea/The Jane Goodall Institute
This App Helps Forest Rangers Without Internet Access Find Illegal Activity
Adele Peters | Fast Company
The app is an extension of Global Forest Watch, a project that maps deforestation around the world. With the new tool, if someone has a smartphone and enough internet access to download the app and the latest data, they can then take it offline.

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