How often have you RSVP’d for an event or said “yes” to a meeting, but when the time to show up arrives, you immediately begin kicking yourself? My life in a nutshell.  I reposted a meme on Instagram with actor Alfonso Ribeiro in tears that says, “When you make plans while you’re in a good mood but then the day comes and you would actually rather die.”

Pretty extreme example, but sometimes I live for canceled plans.

Bailing on plans or responsibilities is not only tacky, it also demonstrates poor leadership. I read an article in Entrepreneur titled, “Want to Raise a Founder? Then Follow Through on Your Commitments.” I’m not a parent, but the advice from the writer is super relevant for budding founders or anyone in leadership positions.

“When you’re struggling to balance so many demands, it’s easy to overcommit and underdeliver.”

The article suggests setting boundaries as well as being mindful of commitments and prioritizing other people’s feelings over your in-the-moment impulses. Simple recommendations on emotional intelligence and acknowledging certain patterns of behavior.

Thanks for rocking with us. Enjoy today’s Hit List and make some time to unPLUG this weekend.
— Tyler

These Four VCs Share How They Find Diverse Founders To Invest In
Beck Bamberger | Fast Company
Anthemis is an investment and advisory firm that already walks the diversity walk more than many others. Eighteen nationalities are represented in the 48-person company, and 56% of its employees are women (of the 14 directors, eight are female).

Q&A with Ryan Mundy, NFL Safety Turned VC
Troy Ruediger | Forbes
His new “sport” is venture investing. As a venture investor he’s focused on early-stage technology companies that are aiming to benefit from cultural shifts to enhance the way that we live, work and play.




The Hunt for an ‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’
Ron Knox | City Lab

The paucity of new business development in black and brown neighborhoods across the country is certainly not new; disinvestment from African-American neighborhoods has affected cities around the country and handcuffed new business growth. Those who preach the gospel of ecosystem building see it as a solution to lagging development and its champions at the summit stressed that real-world entrepreneurial networks must be racially and economically diverse.

These Programs Just Got Awarded Grants to Help DC’s Women Entrepreneurs
Stephen Babcock | DC
Black Female Founders for an eight-week pre-accelerator program supporting women entrepreneurs of color confidence, which aims to build confidence, social capital, and community.




How This former Janitor Became a Tech Exec at Companies like Microsoft and Bank of America
Ali Montag | CNBC
One night in her early years at Kodak, her drive began to pay off. A manager, Dianne Newhouse, saw Evans at a computer and asked what she was doing.

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