Sherrell and I will join Capital One next week at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference in Orlando. We’ll share a number of great insights from the panels, attendees, and workshops through our social media. And, we’ll be filming our BLKTECH Friday update on location.

We’re excited to team up with the great minds at Capital One for this dynamic event uniting women in computer science from across the globe. This is my first time attending the conference and I can’t wait to share the wide variety of ideas on growing an inclusive tech culture. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with our stories and meet new faces.

Looking for your next opportunity to grow and amplify your voice in tech? Take a moment today to browse the programs and careers at Capital One.

— Tyler

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Lauren Williams is the New Editor-in-Chief of Vox
Ezra Klein | Vox
In addition, we’re launching new podcasts and video series, expanding to cover more topics, leaning further into visual-first journalism both on and off the site, and covering one of the strangest and most intense political eras in American history.





As Google Fights Fake News, Voices on the Margins Raise Alarm
Daisuke Wakabayashi | New York Times
Accusations that Google has tampered with search results are not uncommon and date back to the earliest days of its search engine. But they are taking on new life amid concerns that technology behemoths are directly — or indirectly — censoring controversial subjects in their response to concerns over so-called fake news and the 2016 presidential election.






The Leader Connecting Communities Through Tech
Cambria Roth | Crosscut
When Harris thinks of the successes that keep him going, he points to companies like Key Tech Labs, a nonprofit founded by brothers Adam and Andrew Powers. Their goal is to bring emerging technology to underprivileged areas, and they teach youth to repair and upgrade technology themselves.





BLK Hack Columbus Expands to Cleveland and Cincinnati
Marcia Pledger |

“The one thing that we talk about in BlkHack… Although we’re trying to get more African Americans and other people of color to create technology based start-ups, it’s also about bringing awareness to the same group of people who already have existing businesses to teach them how to scale those businesses using technology that already exists.”






Forget Chinese Investment in Africa, Here’s a Tech Partnership in the Region You Haven’t Heard Of
Justina Crabtree | CNBC
The unlikely story begins with KT Corporation (KT), a South Korean telecoms giant, which started helping to form the backbone to Rwanda’s communications infrastructure a decade ago. The state-owned company currently builds and operates ICT services in Rwanda’s public and private markets, and provides a 4G service in partnership with the Rwandan government.







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