Welcome to Wednesday.

This morning I browsed Twitter for my usual fix of tech and entertainment topics when I came across a tweet promoting an engineering manager position at Kickstarter. One response shifted the entire tone of the tweet. Bianca Laurie replied, “Black/Latinx peeps – APPLY!”. From there came 19 retweets bringing more visibility to thousands of devices.

And Bianca isn’t the only one pushing to elevate Black and Brown technologists. At least once a week, I see a number of RTs encouraging people of color to apply for tech positions in and around Silicon Valley.

To improve diversity numbers and truly live up to our calls for inclusion, we must first encourage one another. Keep retweeting, keep tagging, keep recommending. We all we got.

— Tyler

Bad Ass Women in Health Tech: Chrissa McFarlane, CEO of Patientory
Sherrell Dorsey | Redox
Earlier this year, Chrissa McFarlane made headlines for raising $7.2 million in three days via online blockchain token sales of her company Patientory. McFarlane has been making a name for herself in the health tech space as a young female founder working to eliminate siloed, centralized EMR systems through her technology.






Walker’s Legacy and the Making of 1 Million Black Female Entrepreneurs
Anique M. Hameed | Huffington Post
In the spirit of honoring Madam C.J. Walker, the iconic Black hair care innovator and first self-made Black woman millionaire, Walker’s Legacy has rolled out programs, research, and key strategic partnerships to advance the success of women of color in business.


Rodney Foxworth Named Executive Director of BALLE
Stephen Babcock | Technical.ly Baltimore
Foxworth, a leader in Baltimore’s social entrepreneurship community, will lead BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies). The organization has a network of leaders in local economies both in the U.S. and Canada.








Counterfeit Yeezys and the Booming Sneaker Black Market
Daniel Kreps | Rolling Stone
The popularity of Yeezys and shoes like them has fostered the growth of an entire secondary sneaker industry that authenticates and resells hot shoes, led by StockX and Culver City’s GOAT, which has raised $37.6 million in venture capital.





Prosecutors Claim Social Media Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Members Wasn’t Surveillance
Sidney Fussell | Gizmodo
According to the suit, the SIU used geofencing to illegally track the social media posts of BLM members. Last year, the ACLU uncovered more than 500 police departments using ‘geofencing’ surveillance technology. Using the tech, officers select an area of a map and, in real time, source all public social media posts in those areas by searching for key words like “protest,” “rally,” “march,” etc.







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