The good news is, I made my 6 am flight this morning. 

I crashed in my hotel room just after midnight, completing the end of an exhilarating day with 18,000 passionate women in computing.  Yesterday marked my very first experience at the Grace Hopper Conference in Orlando. I casually made my way to the VIP line where I met Colin Bodell, CTO of American Eagle Outfitters who sits on the board of trustees for the conference. He shared that the 13-year-old conference has grown exponentially. I sat in the third row from the front of the stage next to reporter Erin Carson of CNET who covers a great deal of ground on the diversity conversations happening in tech. I even got called out by Damien Hooper-Campbell, Chief Diversity Officer at eBay (formerly of Uber where he and I met) as I  was en route to the Capital One booth.

I’ll spare you many of the play by play details but share the roster of incredibly talented women in STEM and a few of the gems they dropped on race, gender, and the future applications of artificial intelligence.
“If tech is going to change society, then the lack of representation is a crisis.[…] No technology is more reflective of its designer than AI. It’s our responsibility to ensure that everyone can play a role.”

Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Director of Stanford’s artificial intelligence lab

“It’s time the world starts recognizing that the next Bill Gates might not look anything like the last one.”

Melinda Gates

“Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Keep going. And never listen to the haters.”
Dr. Sue Black, CEO of TechMums, UK Govt tech advisor

I’ll be in class today, but our editor Tyler will be taking over Twitter and Instagram for additional coverage of sessions on the ground, particularly a set of sessions with our partner Capital One.

Enjoy the hit list of news for the day.



She’s Using Mapping Tech to Study Philly’s Spread of HIV

Photo: Viviana Pernot

Don Sapatkin |
Bridgette Brawner, a Penn nursing professor, coined the term “geobehavioral vulnerability” to help explain differences in HIV risk that appear on maps.The role of place is being increasingly recognized as a key component of public health, with mapping technologies providing various ways to measure it.
Experiencing Racism in VR

Photo: Tedx YouTube

Courtney D. Cogburn, PhD. | TEDx Talks
Psychologist Courtney D. Cogburn focuses her work on how racism contributes to racial inequalities in health. With a team of researchers at Columbia and Stanford University, she is using virtual reality to help people experience the complexities of racism to not only encourage them to empathize, but to more importantly motivate them to think and act differently.
Comcast Highlights Digital Inclusion for Low-Income Families in Atlanta

Photo: Comcast

Phil W. Hudson | Atlanta Business Journal
Comcast’s community investment program, Internet Essentials, is now in its seventh academic year and is most successful broadband adoption initiative for low-income families.
Salesforce Just Launched A $50 Million Impact Investing Fund

Photo: Fast Company / iStock

Ben Paynter | Fast Company
The group has already committed to at least four companies, each representing an area where they plan to be active: workplace development, equality, sustainability, and the social sector.
Introducing Okaymusic, Our New Digital Music Service

Photo: OkayAfrica

Partnered with the music world’s most notable digital platforms this brainchild of OkayAfrica will bring digital music distribution and marketing services to emerging and established artists across Africa, its diaspora and from all around the world—giving them access to upload their music onto every major digital platform.

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